10 Fun Facts about 4th of July

Here comes the day that we associate with parades, concerts, fireworks, visits to our grandparents, museum trips, where you can hear all the myths and legends about this particular day – The Independence Day. This time, we want to share with you some interesting facts on 4th of July that gathered some fun, so you can embrace this day with more joy.


#1. Did you know that the Declaration of Independence was not entirely signed on July 4th 1776? Well, only two people signed on the aforementioned date – John Hancock and Charles Thompson.

#2. The average age of the ones that signed the declaration back in the XVIIIth century was 45. The oldest one was Benjamin Franklin. Yes, the one whose portrait you like to see on your favorite bill.

#3. The first 4th of July party, held in White House, took place in 1801.

#4. Two of the ones that signed The Declaration died on July 4th a few decades after – John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

#5. The Independence Day became a paid federal holiday just 162 years later after its signing.

#6. The founders of The Declaration were 56 men from 13 colonies.

#7. Usually, the Independence Day parades are held at 11:45 am. The lucky ones can get to a concert at the Capitol and afterwards  they can watch the fireworks’ dance.


And here we have some of the facts that we observed in the last couple of decades, so you might find them funny and playful


#8. In the past decade, YouTubers and other beauty influencers have set this trend on making every 4th of July a day full of colorful and patriotic makeup.

#9. 4th of July turned into a great movie, that explores the morbid interest of aliens on stealing our planet and killing people. Of course, the catastrophe happens in USA, as in all movies that lay on the Hollywood’s shelves.

#10. Do you know that the name of the movie „Pursuit of Happiness” might have been taken from The Declaration of Independence? As we have known, initially, the wording of The Declaration was the pursuit of property, until Th. Jefferson changed it into the aforementioned syntagm.



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