The world wide web tripped out when they saw some fun news from the rap music industry – in an Instagram picture, posted last Thursday, Marshall Bruce Mathers III, aka Eminem, appeared among his fellow rap Gods and stole the show thanks to his new, natural and almost unrecognizable look. And, of course, for the presence of Kendrick Lamar in it, so the fans could ask for or think of a new and exciting collaboration with one of the best rappers of the century.

Many fans still cannot get used to this look – Eminem, with a fuzzy natural fibre that covers his head and some facial fur that grows on the baby face we were used to. Now, we’re thinking – did he ditch his bleached hair for a sincere and genuine look because he was not aging that well and fans might think their favorite artist is not “that cool” or because he thought of becoming a pretentious hipster? Either way, we like the way he lies… Ops, looks! And, according to those more than a millions likes on Instagram, fans do too. Through many positive comments left right below the picture, fans claim to like this “nice” and “genius” new identity.

Plus, so many of us see in this new and promising picture a hint for a new album – maybe he is going to drop it, finally, this year, according to the rumours and speculations, or maybe he is going to have some great collabs with Dr. Dre and Kendrick. Or maybe he just wanted to show you, guys, that he is into illuminati things right now – just glance at his necklace.

Whilst this picture triggered so many reactions from the web, people remain to see Eminem as one of the best rappers, as he won Grammy Awards and even an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2002 for his “Lose Yourself” song. So, even with his mockingbeard, he still has done a lot more than all the fans that critic him.

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