“Signs” by Drake

Even though the fans say he’s not pushing the boundaries anymore and that his latest tracks sound the same way, Drake is one of those young artists that still try to deliver good music in the industry attacked by copies of other artists.

The new #Signs songs, gorgeously released at a Louis Vuitton fashion show last night, might not be the hit of his career, but beautifully fitted not only the whole atmosphere of the Paris show, but also the imagery of those amazing florist shirts, baggy pants, weirdly put bangs and colorful accessories.

This song is built upon a catchy and simple rhythm. It might become a quite lovely summer anthem, made on a memorable bit. It is a bit monotonous, as it has no progression and no culminating parts, which is sad.

But let’s not forget that #Signs was produced specifically to be the soundtrack of the presented collection and it actually captures the viewers into an elegant world with little bohemian vibes, combined with a very French style. It is not overdone, as the other tracks might sound in situations like this. It is just less adventurous and intriguing as the other stuff Drake has. Debuted in the official second summer day and at an important show that belonged to one of the greatest designers of all time – Louis Vuitton, the song majestically delivers us into the world of elegant clothes and great manners, even though it sounds more pop than it has to.

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Here is the song:

If you still haven’t heard #Signs, check out the video below. Enjoy the show!


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