On Environment, Batman and… Fidget Spinners

This week we come with a series of hashtags that celebrate both serious issues and fun, at times some sad, but truly important events. We brought you some good information on characters that you enjoy to watch, games that you follow and gears that are unaccountably interesting. Don’t forget to visit our store to see the new collections of T-shirts we have.



What was the way you started off your week? By being grumpy and saying that you hate mondays? Or by having so much energy you could spread it all over?

Last week’s beginning was marked by a truly important celebration for all those who fight for the well-being of our environment. World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5th, is that time of the year when all the ecological organizations, projects and programs, especially the teams from UN Environment, try to make a worldwide call of mobilization and to make people fight against global warming and other ecological problems.

This day should be celebrated by everyone in every corner of this planet. Officially, this day is celebrated since 1972 through various events – clean-ups of your local area, actions against deforestation and crime of wildlife.

This year’s theme was “Connecting People to Nature” and it was promoted through outdoors events – picnics in parks, eco games in local communities and neighbourhood clean-ups. Organizations, such as Greenpeace or Un Environment, have shared on their social media channels other different movements and actions, contributing to reconnecting people to nature and somehow proving that every time a person gets closer to the wilderness or keeps a free and clean environment, by following simple rules of not leaving trash in parks or by dividing the types of garbage, our world becomes a sustainable source for a better future.

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As far as we know, such important programs as Paris Agreement will solidify the bright future of the climate changes that might happen if we don’t take action. The Paris Agreement brings all nations, or Parties, together and make them keep their promises to put efforts into eliminating the causes of global warming and to adapt to its already existing effects.

It actually puts together all the efforts to strengthen its forces to respond to the environmental problems’ impact. The Paris Agreement, also, tries to establish rules in order support the vulnerable areas and to enhance their fighting powers.

Let’s admit – this is a necessary program, that will not only follow its objectives to protect nature, but also to assure transparency in how other countries do that. Thus, the Parties of the Paris Agreement will share their experience and will have common ideas on how to adapt a certain method to a certain problem.

As you have read in the latest articles, Mr. Trump has decided to withdraw US from the Agreement, because some industries, such as the coal one, is dying and why not investing in cheaper energy sources, such as the wind one. But still, it does not make the President a hero, because he doesn’t want his citizens to follow basic rules of protecting the environment.

But there’s a rebellious state that signed an environment law in accordance with the Paris Agreement – Hawaii, who just recently showed its tongue to Mr. President. The new Hawaii’s environment politics will be more detailed into building new strategies to avoid the rise of sea-level and to make Earth a sustainable force.

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Marketers say it relieves the stress and eliminates its cause, while some doctors and researchers have doubled their opinions – it either helps stressed people or it might, actually, defocus them. You know we’re talking about those small and trendy stainless steel or plastic fidget spinners. And we say trendy just because lately their hype has been put all over social media and stressed persons use fidget spinners ’cause they read that in the article. We doubt that some of them really talked to a doctor to see if the internet users are wrong or right on this subject.

Anyway, let’s not talk about the use of fidget spinners in medicine. By the way, some users consider this device as the perfect element of a new sport, so that’s why they might see it as the beginning of a new league. Also, this small device is the subject of various memes, as in this example. And don’t forget that you can use it as a strumming gear for a guitar or violin (though, it might be odd to see its usage for the later). We saw videos on using fidget spinners as picks and playing impressing riffs. If you want to try this amazing (but dumb) technique, follow this tutorial.

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This year, the National Basketball Association, celebrates the 70 years of NBA Finals, where the best basketball teams fight in a seven-game period in order to determine the best national team.

If you follow the #NBAfinals hashtag, you’ll see a variety of posts that will enhance your basketball experience, once you’re watching the games from home or from your local community club. Don’t forget to support your favorite team, as there are only three games left. The social media channels just blow of impressions and comments on the games. They vote someone’s best style, the best goal or the best player.

Wanna see the history of NBA finals in the last 70 years? If you watch this video, you will have the chance to see the best trainers’ face expressions given to their teams, the best goals ever seen on NBA games, the evolution of costumes, basketbal standards and of the audience.

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Some sad news have arrived last week – the original Batman actor Adam West died at the age of 88. If you are an eager Batman fan, you know that Adam West is the number one Batman of all the time – the actor played Bruce Wayne and his alter ego in an ABC show that lasted three seasons back in the 60s. The actor suffered from leukemia. His family stated that he had a short but brave battle against the illness.

Adam Wayne was well-known for his memorable voice, recognized even by the phone operators. In the Batman show he was always respected for his rich and interesting vocabulary, delivered in a deadpan style. West always said that Batman’s character has to be mature enough, a legacy that was thoroughly taken and spread by the next Batman(s) – Christian Bale or Ben Affleck.

The actor will never be forgotten as he has given the most admirable and mature definition of the Caped Crusader. But let’s not be sad and pay a tribute for our beloved Batman. We have some special T-shirts, taken straight outta Gotham and made for your fashion needs when the subject is about superheroes and superpowers. Grab one from here.

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