Game of Thrones: News for the Seven Kingdoms

Your all-time favorite show has come to a controversial end, that has blown thousands of minds and nearly killed as many hopes of possibly less incestuous closing. All we know now is that we have to wait a bit more than a year to see the great outcome of Game of Thrones, and whom the true Protector of the Realm is going to be .

We know you don’t like spoilers, so we suggest you to embark on a #GoT marathon and watch all the episodes you have missed until now, so you can share your personal thoughts with us.

Now we have a lot more to discuss till we get our 2018 grand finale. There was an incestuous intercourse between auntie Dany and kiddo Jon, but it might seem worse, as they don’t know a thing about the status of their current relationship. The positive side of it is that, from historical point of view, the Targaryen dynasty accepted such behaviour for centuries, in order to keep their bloodline pure. While in Westeros the marriages between sisters and brothers, kids and their parents and offsprings were considered as if someone spat in God’s hands, the marriages between first-born cousins were OK. Now we have to think more of how a potential marriage between Jon… Aegon Targaryen the VIIth and his aunt Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons, could be accepted by the society they live in. Or if people don’t care, as they will only accept good rulers in their lives, so be it! Additionally, as long as the septons and other bloody fanatics are kept away for good thanks to Queen Mother, the good rulers Westeros awaits are always welcome.

The vast majority of fans were delighted by Littlefinger’s death sentence and, of course, his execution, even though many of the viewers cannot forget the small amount of good deeds he has accomplished. We hope you remember who brought the soldiers from the Vale of Arryn during the battle of Winterfell, when our beloved Aegon-Jon was almost killed and the vicious Bolton got captured.

So, what should we expect next? Is there anyone else to kill? Or maybe we will see other witty blonde-haired babies on the screens? We, personally, just want to see the final battle – the one when the true king gets his place on the iron throne, while Cersei, as it was spoken in the words of the witch she met when she was a little pretentious blonde tenager, is killed by one of her little brothers. Keep in mind – this particular story was left out of the TV show, but you can find all the words of Maggy the fortune teller in the books.

Have patience, dear fans! Meanwhile, check our #GoT T-shirt collection and don’t forget to share with us your favorite moments of the show. Stay gold! Valar morghulis!


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