Game of Thrones, Star Wars Anniversary and Hamburgers!

There are some new additions to our #HashtagBay store and you’re gonna love them. They are funky, related to your favorite shows and made upon your desires.



We think there’s nothing more relieving that the sound of your jam – you let yourself dance to your favorite vibe and the presence of others doesn’t matter. You know that #MusicIsAlive if it strikes right into your heart. If the good mood pops into your souls right away. If its lyrics make hum and, of course, move freely to its beat.

Music is not only alive, but it makes you live to the fullest. Music is the only addiction that doesn’t harm you, but only makes at time your muscles hurt after hours of dancing. And at hard times, when you seek some solitude and peace, music is the easiest way to ease your pain.

Concerts and music festivals are the best investment of your money and time. You meet those colorful festival people, listen to your favorite artists and have a wonderful time. And as the summer is right around the corner and it seems to be full of magical events, we have a special line of T-shirts that will make you the star of the evening. They are eco-friendly and can be a part of a gorgeous concert or festival outfit.

Choose “It’s LIT” T-shirt for those evenings when you discover the music that makes you feel alive again. The entire line of #MusicIsAlive T-shirts is here.



Along with cats, otters and penguins, turtles bear the same level of cuteness, even if they seem weird at first. Have you ever taken one once in your hands? Those little things are charming and fabulous, maybe not so cuddlesome, as they don’t quite understand how is that and they get scared. But having a turtle around your house is fun – you can meet her in your bathroom with a quite long and philosophical stare, or in your wardrobe among your fancy clothes, or in your bucket of water, because she wants to swim a lot. You can meet your spooky cuteness in every corner of your home.

If you didn’t know, on May 23rd we celebrate the #WorldTurtleDay. It was created in 1990 by the American Tortoise Rescue in order to celebrate the protection of turtles and tortoises. It was made to make people acknowledge the suffering and the extinction of our hard and soft shelled friend. The #WorldTurtleDay is not only an event to recognize the existence of those cuties, but also to understand that the environmental hazards and other natural issues, such as hunting the the turtles and harvesting their eggs, create bad conditions to our ecosystems. Celebrate this day by helping the local organizations that help promote the protection of turtles. Also, take a T-shirt from our bay to spread the word about them.

If you have a particular passion for our ninja friends, grab a T-shirt from our cute collection and show the world that you care about them.



Game of Thrones, fans! Brace yourselves, winter is coming!

We all had a delightful day, when the new trailer of GoT has arrived on our small screens. Even those don’t quite know about the show, are super excited, as they have found some new to binge watch. The official trailer of season seven is full of horrifying details and tremulous elements, that get to you to the bone. Someone is in there to dispense justice, someone is born to rule the seven kingdoms and she will.

Every single fan of the show is now looking forward to see the new season and to understand how the world of Westeros will change. Many want Cersei to get her punishment for the bad deeds she has done. Many are waiting for the true king and queen to take their places. All we understand is that the Great War is right behind the corner and the attacks of the beautiful and intelligent strategist Daenerys will soon be started.

Are you waiting for the middle of July? We all do. Grab a T-shirt from our collection and be prepared to the season premiere, which will have a duration of 58 bloody minutes. We have a Hodor T-shirt, a Mother of Dragon one for girls who run the world. See you on July 16th, guys!



What’s the best recipe for a perfect evening? Exactly – add to everything you have a glass of wine. Either it is a white sparkling wine, a flavorous rose or a rich red wine, this is the good start for a great day.

Do you ask yourself how to celebrate this flavoursome time of the year? Different countries have different related customs. Some throw huge carnivals and feasts that last for days, some in a very small community. Villages and cities are filled with yard sales of homemade wine and sweets, cakes made of grapes and tons of fruits. People are wearing traditional costumes and tell the children around about wine legends that exist for centuries.

We recommend you to give a new wine that you haven’t tasted yet a try. Buy a nice bottle of this flavorous mixture from a local producer, cook a steak or some fish, light the candles and call you significant other to celebrate the day. If you need a special present for such an occasion, grab a T-shirt from our store. Grab a #NationalWineDay related T-shirt or a winey one once you have the same sense of humour as we do.



#StarWars40thAnniversary is the day when the most notable fans of the epic gather together and celebrate the legendary series of movies through various ways.

If you go through Twitter, you will see the wonderful May The Fortieth Be With You cakes, amazing retro discs and tapes that people bought for this special occasions, massive collections of books, posters, pictures, tribute photos to the epic’s stars, huge firework happenings. Some fans even made a movie night screenings of all the episodes. It all looks and sounds wonderful.

For this beautiful anniversary, we have created a range of T-shirts that celebrate the epic. For those who love cooking delicious #StarWars related goodies, we have a special “May the Sauce be with You” T-shirt. Those who have an excellent sense of humour and like to see the #StarWars stars in a very modern and fashionable way, there’s a “Han Yolo” piece. The ones that love the epic and the band The Offsprings, click here to find our pretty fly T-shirt.

We want to remind you that all the T-shirts from our online store are eco-friendly and made from high-quality materials.



Last Sunday, people all over USA were waiting for this fabulous event – their favorite teams wrestled at Greensboro.

Of course, wrestling fans had a blast and the #WWEGreensboro event was well worth the price of its admission.

If you are new to this subject, WWE is an entertainment company, that deals professionally with wrestling as a sports, as an important element in movies, ads, music or video games. On May 27th there was an important event for the wrestling world. The most impressive shows were those that belonged to Hardy Brothers or Roman Reigns. Fans and supporters all over Twitter have shared their favorite moments of the Saturday’s event – their favorite participants, faces and muscles, dramas seen on the spot and impressions of the shows. They call it entertaining, overwhelming, delightful or dredged with hints of jealousy.

There are going to be many other wrestling shows during the next months, so if you want to support your favorite player, grab a T-shirt from our store with some spicy messages. Support your wrestling soulmate by taking a piece from our collection.



Let’s celebrate together the day of our favorite fast food – the hamburger.

The perfect hamburger comes with an extra large bun, a delicious and juicy grilled chicken, pork or beef pattie, a simple slice of an extra flavoursome cheese, some fresh pickles and perfectly round slices of tomato, some onions. It all should be fashioned with a green salad leaf, sprinkled with some white garlic sauce and seasoned with some toasted sesame seeds. Mmmmm, delicious!

For vegetarians and vegans, you can replace the eat some veggie pattie or with a huge slice of baked tofu, marinated ahead in some soy sauce.

The #NationalHabumburgerDay is that time of May, when you can gather your family and friends in your backyard and grill some decent pieces of meat or patties and make a perfect hamburger for each person around the house. Don’t forget to combine it with some roasted potatoes and some more sauces, a nice bottle of wine or a beer.

Grab a hamburger T-shirt to celebrate the national day of this divine food not only once a month, but every moment, every single time when you cook a burger or a chicken and you’re thinking of a burger.

We’re sorry, but we got soooo hungry, so we are going to make some giant hamburgers for our tiny stomachs! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get to now the new additions to our stores. Follow us everywhere we go and remember: Valar Morghulis! We’re joking 😀


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