On Golden Moments of The Past Week Through its Most Popular Hashtags

This time we bring you four important and impactful hashtags for all the sports fans out there and for the ones that want to have some rest from work. We’re with you guys, that’s why we bring you some of the new products that will make you enjoy your time more than you thought. Do read those mindful pieces of information and don’t forget to order that particular T-shirt that you liked.


Last week started of with a great celebration for both the supporters and Golden State Warriors team at the NBA finals – this wonderful time of the year has finished for the team with a great and fabulous victory. Hurray for the GSW!

Did you know how the GSW fanbase is called? If you didn’t, it’s the Dub Nation, the one and only golden fanbase that have entirely supported the GSW’s performances over the NBA finals and that celebrated in style at the Parade we’re gonna talk about later. You know, this has been the second Warrior Championship in the last three years and things couldn’t get more exciting. As it was told in the recent articles, the parade was highlighted by performances from the Warriors’ Dance Mom, while the Toaster Guy asked for an autograph on his toaster from Klay Thompson, the GSW pillar.

The GSW had a major comeback this year, after losing the game in the last year’s duel with The Cavaliers. A few days ago, the entire Dub Nation could have celebrated the victory at the aforementioned Parade. It was a sea full of wonderful emotions, where some of the GSW members took turns on raising the Larry O’Brien Trophy showing for the ones attending the ceremony.

The parade took place in Oakland, California on last Thursday, where one million Dun Nation’s members have come to celebrate all along with their favourite team.

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They say that the world demanded this fight. Even though some claim it as a ridiculous one, it seems that the end of this summer will be full of surprises for the fans of these two heroes of the boxing circuit. One of them has never boxed on a professional circuit, as if it would be a problem. The other’s power and practice and other winnings have a huge impact on the boxing world, so it seems there is no chance for someone to win over him. Yes, we are talking about the great boxing event that will happen on 26th of August between the charismatic Conor McGregor and the badass Floyd Mayweather.

You got a 100 million worth star on the one side, full of experience, power and influence acquired during the years full of boxing duels. You also have on the plate, by far, the biggest star in mixed martial arts, with that sense of savageness and the youth the boxing world needs. That’s a great fight for the end of the summer, one that everyone will be talking about for the next few years.

This boxing event is built upon a great line-up from those two. Don’t underestimate either of them. McGregor, at 28, might seem to go through the biggest test of his career, but don’t forget about the youth juices flowing in his body, since Floyd might seem a bit out of that youthful age. No offense to Mayweather’s fans, we do think that his experience and great boxing shape will play a big role in this fight. We think that good preparations and luck will have a positive outcome on both of the players.

Statistics and opinions lie upon the idea that this fight might add a few hundreds of millions viewers on the night of 26th. So prepare ahead with some good fashion gears that will show to your friends and neighbors on whose side you are. See the additions we have in our store dedicated to this particular event.



As we have talked a bit about the GSW Parade, about the presence of important supporters and of almost one million of fans that showed up in Oakland to celebrate, together with the Golden State Warriors, we might add a little something to the news.

The NBA finals ended with an incredibly gorgeous triumph of the Warriors, so the parade should have been equally massive and surprising for the fans. You can watch the colorful and cheerful Instagram moments of the celebration here. And if we talk in numbers, the Parade, pulled out by the Dubs, has taken roughly 4 million dollars for it to happen. 4 millions to keep things alive on social media channels and on the streets around California’s Lake Merritt. Starting queuing around 5am and getting a good watching spot, the fans have seen the team rolling, with that trophy in hands and with honor and pride in their hearts.

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How would you spend the arrival of the weekend, even though it’s just the Little Friday right around the corner? Watching the new episode of your favorite show, sipping some wine over a steak with some salad? Or maybe drinking tequila shots and partying like there is no tomorrow? Or maybe dancing under the summer rain, singing your heart loud and falling into the arms of your significant other? Or spending the night in the company of your cat, because, you know, Friday is still a working day for the two of you?

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Stay gold!


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