Hashtag Recaps | Week #1

We start our weekly post on the most popular hashtags, so you can see what products were the most popular and what topics were interesting and captivating for our community’s members this past week. Don’t forget that you can find a range of various trending, popular and funny T-shirts in our store so click here to check it out.



Monday – #MessiSkills


Last week, football fans all over the world started hailing Lionel Messi – the Barcelona star that is making everyone to play with him proud as he brings important victories in the latest games. Messi is the one that surprises you in the last minute, by scoring a goal and making every single Barca boy and girl happy. FIY, the number 10 of Barca’s team is considered to be the best player of all time, and the fifth FIFA Ballon d’Or award that he received proved that.


And if it is all about Messi, it is going to be messy. The last scored goal served as a meme material for so many Twitter users and if you watch some of them here,  you will be transformed into a bundle of laughs. That’s why we’ve got inspired and made a range of King Messi T-shirts, that you can order from here. Either you are a colleague of his, a friend, a hardcore fan, you should know – it’s Barça over everything. Every Messi goal becomes a fantastic achievement for his team, while his emotions are always translated into great articles and, of course, memes.


Find the chosen Messi meme by clicking this link. Don’t forget – the King Messi T-Shirt comes in all sizes.



Tuesday – #WorldPenguinDay

They’re adorable, they’re plump and they’re the only ones that wear the tuxedos like a pro. Yes, we are talking about penguins.


And if you haven’t seen yet, we have some special products in our store, that are entirely dedicated to these chubby cuties’ International Day. No doubt, you wanna have a Chilly Willy at home, but as there is no cold climate in your room, you can have our lovely Penguin T-Shirt.



By the way, did you know that in many developed countries you will have to get a huge amount of permits and documents in order to have a penguin as a pet? No wonder that in many countries this is an illegal thing, whilst in others, people try to find the jurisdiction flaws and just to buy one. Please, be careful with them, as these birds with exciting survival skills are gentle, as well. Find more information regarding this topic at a zoo that breeds some species of penguins or talk it with your lawyer. But if you don’t want beef with any peaceful penguin, buy one of our products and enjoy your coffee, while wearing our funny T-shirts.



Wednesday – #MyWeirdDentist


My nightmare has the shape of a dentist. And I am also afraid of darkness – what if there are many more dentists? Yes, many children are scared with dentists, and this is kind of bad, because as they grow up, their fear increases many times. But what if your dentist is weird as hell, and makes fun of your teeth and tries to hit you with his best shot. Pun intended 😀


Let’s make an eulogy to all of the weird dentists out there, that are saying jokes while cleaning your teeth and you are afraid to burst out in laughs. Let’s honor those, who scare you right in their chairs. Let’s wear some funny dentist T-shirts, as to remember that you can experience both fun and terrifying visits to your doctor.


In many countries, dentists’ practice is an honorable job and many of them try to make their patients feel comfortable and ease their pain with jokes and important teeth facts. If you listen carefully to your dentist, you might receive a good instruction on how to keep your teeth in good health, in order to avoid these visits at the doctor in the nearest future.


Take care of you teeth!



Thursday – #TakeYourChildToWorkDay


When we were younger, we have always imagined that our fathers had exciting jobs, with so many challenging situations and, of course, they passed through them with honor and pride. And if you are a father, why not taking you child to your work to make one of his small dreams come true. You know very well that kids are influenced by our actions and they can start making important decisions for their future right in their childhood. Your job can improve their imagination and desire, either you’re a teacher, a firefighter or an office plankton. Jimmy Fallon certainly made a push towards that direction with some kids, in this hilarious video:



You want to show your kid that playing with fire or electricity is bad? Show him what you do at your work. You don’t want your son and daughter work in a boring office environment? Show them that doing xerox and receiving faxes is not that fun. You want your children to learn that knowledge is very important? Bring him to an open lesson of your class and show him how the others study and strive for a better future.


You know the saying – like father, like son. Your kid might take a certain path by only telling him or showing him what that path is. This topic inspired some father and son T-shirts, that you can wear any time you take him to such a journey.



Friday – #FineWomenFriday


Let’s just clear out some things – this is a friendly hashtag, with no cruel intentions. As in the modern world the definition of woman and her descriptive elements have turned many time into something bad, we want to clarify that this time we just want our women to enjoy their time on a chill Friday night. Or if they want to celebrate it in an atmosphere full of exciting vibes, this is our women’s decision.


This is why we have turned this hashtag into a funny and enjoyable range of T-shirts, that anyone can wear. If you want to thank your woman for all the work she has done for you, wear this T-shirt as a sign that she can freely leave you for a drink with her girls. Not that she hadn’t done that. But just clarify that it’s ok not be overworked and advise her to have some free time for herself. Wear this T-shirt at any celebration and parade with your significant other. Give this T-shirt as a gift to a friend that will understand your good intentions and humour.


These T-shirts are sexy, smart and funny, perfect for a Friday night or any other exciting occasion. Click this link and choose your size.



Saturday – #ClimateMarch


Do you want to have a great celebration of your administration 100th day at the White House? Of course you do! Be Mr. Donald Trump and mess with the environment and, consequently, you’ll see at your gates thousands of people marching to wake him up from his man-made climate change denial.


At school, teachers taught you that the activity of the developed countries in the latest years change the climate so drastically. Mass-media keep informing you about the countries, where severe malnutrition is their only future. Where the are many more climate orphans than children with sane parents. Many articles show that your President, the representative of your generation, is sure that the climate change is just a fiction, a problem made up by the media and any other lazy prick in order to take more money from the government to solve non-existent problems.


This devastating situation of the American government brought people from different states together. Thousands of them marched next to officials’ buildings, stayed at their gates and tried to make their representatives at the official level to understand – this behaviour is destroying lives everywhere in the world. As the movement still goes on, we want to celebrate this “awakening” with this climate and earth T-shirt, with which you can support your community’s actions.



Sunday – #InternationalDanceDay


We think everyone loves to dance, and if you don’t, then you are freakishly weird. The 30th of April is the International Day of Dance – one of the reasons why you should wake up in a good mood and start your morning routine with some funky moves.



What would you choose to dance on? To an exciting Jamiroquai’s “Runaway”, to the groovy and sexy Childish Gambino’s “Me and You Momma” or to the calm and captivating Gilmour’s “The Girl in Yellow Dress”? As long as the song makes you feel good, you should not worry about awakening your inner Beyonce or Thom Yorke. This is a pretty fun and healthy assignment. Dance, like nobody’s watching. Shake up your human behaviour to some icelandic songs. Start being aware of other nations’ dances. Be more than just an enthusiast of this elegant art.


All over the world, people start movements on this day, celebrating the dance’s need as an education form and raise public awareness on its healing action on issues, such as scoliosis, depression and bad mood. The International Dance Day should not be the only time in a year when you start breaking the stereotypes. That’s why we’ve made up this fun t-shirt for those who have an affinity for dancing and for people who just shake their bones onto their prefered songs.


That’s pretty much it for this week. We hope you have enjoyed our article. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned to the new products in our store.


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