Hot Hashtags Last Week | #3

Here they are – the other seven the most searched and active hashtags for the past week. We have prepared you some interesting information on the ones you don’t know and you can just dive into the article and get that extra-quantity of good mood and fun you need.



Let’s face it: the vast majority of us, and even Garfield the cat hates Mondays. We hardly get any motivation to get out of the bed, to do our morning routines, to drink our coffees after a super-exciting weekend. We would like to join the sleepy side for the whole to day and to catch up with friends later at a coffee.

No one understands, though, that it always depends on how we start the Monday morning in order to have a great, productive and colorful week. Get your body out of the bed, open the windows, let the birds cheerful sing outside or isolate yourself from the noise of the city, by listening to some Vivaldi or Glenn Miller, prepare a tea and eat a piece of chocolate to get that extra boost of energy and start your week with a smile.

They say that on #MotivationMonday you should gather only positive thoughts about the day ahead. Start your Monday with putting some pleasure in your job and have a walk before you sit those 8 hours to get your paychecks. Don’t let the bad words about Monday mornings disturb your newly created mood, that you shall keep for the entire week, month, year. Surely, you will get that motivation to live the rest of your life in rainbows, by creating a positive Monday morning routine.

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Partying the whole week? Easy! And we cannot stand partying on Tuesdays only when Phillies are playing. We are ready to start drinking colorful cocktails on Tuesdays, either alone or within a group of friends. Also, don’t let the negative shit that happened the day before to fully affect you – start drinking just because you need a boost of positive feelings, but don’t get drunk AF, as you have the whole week ahead.

Our special line of #TuesdayBoozeday, that you can find by clicking here, has funny messaged T-shirts, that will make your day or evening even funnier than you thought. Grab a friend, buy some T-shirts that will make you both happy and find yourself that perfect place and shot for Tuesday night. You can also spend your evening with your cat while sipping a glass of wine and binge-watching some TV shows on Netflix. Or make your “Save Water, Drink Vodka” T-shirt the quote of the day and start a full-house party with some noisy music. Don’t disturb your neighbors, though, if you haven’t invited them to your sparkly party.

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Busy building an Empire?
Having troubles while clinching your foes?

Grab a T-shirt from our #Empire collection and act as you have just watched landed from the same show. We all love Empire not only for its well-made subject, but for the amount of irony and sarcasm that we meet, fresh ideas and for those OH-MY-GOD-I-WANT-THAT-PIECE fashion moments, that the show is full of.

You can always rely on our T-shirt, if you plan to have a “The Streets Aren’t Made For Everybody. That’s Why They Made Sidewalks” attitude to make your enemies understand that they deal with professional trouble-makers. Either you can embrace your inner bitch and change the game, as Hakeem from the show intended to.

The heroes from the show don’t wear typical boardroom looks and are always giving this allure of power persons, so why not doing the same for you? We know, we know! This is just a T-shirt, but a T-shirt to wear – not the typical item to answer to your surrounding, worn on many official and party occasions. Our black unisex T-shirt, rocked with a pair of black pants and a leather jacket, oversized glasses and rich glances, will make you the perfect party match for every occasion. Have always a chic attitude, as Cookie does! Bye Felicia!




Food brings happiness to every human being and we genuinely believe that we live to eat, and only afterwards we’re ready to do our business.

Either you choose a fancy steak, an enormous beef burger or a colorful salad, full of fresh vegetables and dressed with some homemade tahini sauce, eating those will bring you so much joy and thankfulness than nobody and nothing else might bring you.

#NationalEatWhatYouWantDay is the day that we provide our organisms some unhealthy snacks filled with so much meat or tomatoes or salsa. It’s that time of the year, when you freely forget about your diets, about those fake magazine covers filled with well-toned bodies and perfectly tanned models. Just throw that shit our of your windows and mind and spend some time cooking your favorite dish, grab a glass of sparkling white wine and enjoy yourself.

#NationalEatWhatYouWantDay’s aim always was to help people get through those frustrating eating rules and give your body some time to relax. So, if your favorite F-word is “Food” and you gladly speak French fries with anyone you meet, or if you’re always busy eating, grab a T-shirt from our collection by clicking here.

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I don’t drink on Fridays. Ok, only with few weekly exceptions!

This particular hashtag has gained so much interest, just because America’s beloved president Donald J. Trump did that again – grabbed us by our… patience, and told us that there are no incomes or debts from the Russian sources, WITH FEW EXCEPTIONS :D. And this topic in particular has got so much interest, that many Twitter users just started to do their own research on it, making it funnier with a series of memes and fun facts. You want one? The law firm that issued that tax returns letter has just recently won the award of “Russia Law Firm of the Year”. Well done, Mr. Trumputin, you just fooled your country again. And how about the health care program? Will there be every single person covered, especially the ones from the middle class that cannot afford the money you ask for the insurance? Yes, but #WithFewExceptions? Yes, that does work for the country that has chosen you to be its president. Your daughter has never went on a holiday with Mr. Putin’s girlfriend? Oh, #WithFewExceptions again.

Yes, America, now every person will have the great chance to build a great future for themselves. With few exceptions, though.



Does Tom Brady act like a boss? Yes, he does, after breaking the mirror and walking under the ladder just to prove to all his fans the curse of the Madden will not affect him.

If you’re not acknowledged to it, the Madden curse is the curse that occurs under weird circumstances on the stars of its cover. It means that the ones who appear on the front of the Madden NFL get injured, and the examples of this wrath just prove that – athletes, such as Gronk, Michael Vick and Peyton Hillis.

Brady assured the Patriot’s fans that he will successfully escape the curse, by doing all the rituals mentioned above. He promises a great season with winnings and scores, with flavourous games and beautiful moments. Anyway, the Electronic Arts Sports dismisses any existence of the curse, saying that the injuries the players get are because of a very hard season. Meanwhile, sports fans continue to bet upon the next injuries of the current cover star.

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You love your mommy because she is the queen of your heart. You love her because she brings you your favorite food every time you’re ill or down. She smiles when you bring her good news and supports with the bad ones. She caresses your toys even after you leave your home in the search of new adventure. She prepares you some healthy soup when you have a cold and buys you a chocolate just because she knows when you need it.

Your mom is the one that is always right there for you, giving you some valuable pieces of advice, listening with you your favorite music and watching your favorite shows. She’s weird and you like that, because you have inherited the same qualities that your friends love in you. She watches you from your first steps and teaches you how to behave in public. Or not, because you’re two (or three, or four – even better) human beings that understand each other and you don’t need someone’s approval on how to act. She’s happy when you get that good mark and scholarship, she’s sad when you leave, but you’ll come back for her any time she needs that.

Let your mother have a wonderful #MothersDay, by giving her one of the T-shirts we have in our store specially for her. Tell her that she is a queen, an amazing and strong being, the one and only Wonder Woman. You can find any color your mommy likes and she can rock it on every occasion.

That’s it for this week. We hope you enjoyed our informative article. Don’t forget to check our store anytime you need a special present or a boost for your current mood. The T-shirts we have will solve every problem of yours. Subscribe to our newsletter (link in the footer) to be the first to get the new models of the T-shirts we have. One luv!


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