Let’s talk: 3 things we enjoy about Game of Thrones

For the past couple of months, every Monday has become the most valuable day to all those haters that don’t want to start off their week with a refreshing portion of good vibes. Every Monday started to feel more adventurous, filled with various emotions – from love to hatred, sprinkled with loads of interest towards the one and only show that people will love and will follow until it stops for good. Or until George Martin another finale for his books, that hopefully will be released one day.

If you haven’t guessed yet, we talk about Game of Thrones and about how it has changed the perception of its viewers towards Mondays. For now at least, because it is going to finish in a week or so.

The #hashtagbay team is excited about the show’s season finale, especially after so many people all around the internet have shared their theories and thoughts after viewing the accidentally leaked episode by HBO Spain. We haven’t watched it yet, as we are waiting for the official release and we still have some patience in our pockets for a couple more days. Plus, you know it’s quite illegal to watch it, don’tyou? But who cares – fans are crazy, and if among them you can find hackers that can just put on the worldwide web the remnants of your favorite show, you might be thankful.

We wanted to gather a few interesting facts you did not know about the show. Facts that we have found to be extremely awesome and incredibly hard to understand at first, but then you realize that the creators of the show gave their best to fulfil your emotional need for a show like Game of Thrones.

Disclaimer! This is a personal list of things we like and enjoy about Game of Thrones. If you haven’t watched it or you just at the third season, you need to know that the list might contain spoilers. It’s up to you if you read it.


#1. Prosthetics?

Did you know that the GoT creators have been using prosthetics instead of an entire CGI illusion for their White Walkers? We have to admit that the White Walkers, even if their appearance is more sentient and visible after the 3rd season, are our favorite characters from the show. The effects used for their exterior are so great due to their prosthetics design, filled with many details that fulfilled our imagination. The design team is formed of people that have sculptural and painting experience, using afterwards some minor CGI effects that actually just enhance parts of the body, like the eyes or certain wounds. Even the hairs are put manually on wigs that have have such an important part in the show. Also, the acting White Walkers crew go through a very thorough instruction list in order not to damage that hard the masks they wear. And you should know that every actor spends a few hours for the mask to be put on. The acting crew has a special movement routine, that was rehearsed over and over before filming the most important scenes, like battles. And now they also have a White Walker dragon, which looks equally horrifying and mesmerising. Many more details are listed in the video below. Also, if you’d like to have a dragon on your chest, grab this shirt from our store.


#2. Where are her dragons?

What is your favorite actress from the show? Because we really enjoy Emilia Clarke’s performance, even if her main character was a bit egocentric and arrogant at the beginning. The Mother of Dragons is a skilful actress and a quite great person in real life. Emilia Clarke is famous not only for being the real life BFF of Jon Snow, but also for her cute accent and adorable face and attitude. If you want to see more, watch the video below, where she applies the famous yelling quote from the show in real life situations. Also, her eyebrows are super flexible, as you can see. But first, bend the knee.


#3. Is there any wine left?

We enjoy the characters talking about wine culture in Westeros, especially if you know that certain mansions from Claw Isle and Pentos have such amounts of wine, that can keep a man drunk for centuries. Especially if you find out that King Robert died because he over-drank wine during a hunting session, and he had been importing for himself a three-times stronger beverage. Especially when you see, after the last episodes, that one of the most peaceful #GoT deaths was brought from some poisoned wine. Watch the show to see whose death was that. And when Tyrion Lannister, the most intelligent and funny character from the show, admits to himself that his world is full of wine. So why not buy a fashionable T-shirt, sip some sweet wine and pretend you’re the ruler of Seven Kingdoms.


Those were some facts we like about Game of Thrones. What are yours? We will be back with some other entertaining ideas next Monday. Don’t forget to check our current collection of T-shirts on #GoT and grab the one you like. Stay gold! Valar Morghulis!



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