Things couldn’t get more confusing after Mr. President announced at a rally in Iowa a few days ago about building the controversial border wall between US and Mexico, transforming it into a source of renewable energy. If you go through the space of the worldwide web, or if you’re following every action and word Donald J. Trump leaves, you know we are talking about the solar wall the President plans to make.

We’re not sure if he tries to put things in order after he’s constantly declining the participation of US in important ecological projects around the world, but this is an idea we don’t understand.

First things first, during his election campaign, he promised his audience to build that wall that he claimed will save US from immigrants and drug trafficking. Many citizens don’t support that, so now he is claiming to build an useful wall, a very unique idea that he says is his own. Do you want a few fun facts? ‘Cause we have’em, brothers!

The solar wall, that Mr. Trump claims to be his very unique idea, was a designed project suggested by Gleason Partners in Las Vegas, one of those 200 companies that are believed to have participated in a sort of a design contest from the Department of Homeland Security. The mentioned company proposed a wall made of steel, cement or filled with solar panels.

If you think this is doubtful information, we want to announce that in the past months, specifically last year and in March, two other similar projects were proposed. See some of the details here, as some academics and environmentalists worked hard on their eco-proposals.

So, if you want to support this fresh and unique idea of having a border that separates us from the people we should care about, even if this idea might bring cheap energy and much profit, go for it. But if you’re fed up with lies and want to support some new exciting ideas, that are not stolen by the one that should protect us and respect other nations, grab a T-shirt from our store to show whom you truly are.

Have fun while choosing the best one that suits you.


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