Mother’s Day – The Perfect Occasion for a HashtagBay T-Shirt


We live in a digital era, where we start to pay less and less attention to the time spent with the ones that brought us up and made everything happen for their offsprings.

This week, many global communities will pay an ode to their mothers through a big and a happy celebration. The HashtagBay team comes with a very important message – start making the most important person in our lives feel special. Our mothers should be loved and respected every day of the year for the simple, and in the same time – challenging fact, that she had kept each of us under her heart for nine months.

This is why we come with a special line of T-shirts for this beautiful May the 14th celebration, that you can wear at any family occasion that will happen, for sure, not just once during year. Did you know that in the US of all the flowers bought for women on holidays, a quarter of them are purchased for Mother’s Day? Why spending so much money on overpriced flowers, when you can, for the same amount of money, cook something for your mom and buy a T-shirt as a gift.

Our store is rich in models of T-shirts – you can choose a “Queen Mom to give it to the one and only ruler of your life. A “Master of Multitasking” model should be as an attention message to your mommy to stop sometimes from the amount of chores that she does at work, at home, and even in her spare time and spend some moments with herself in a bathtub with a glass of wine in her hand and some chilling music. You can find this T-shirt by clicking here.

Another model that our customers particularly like is the “Mermaid Mom” – a nice reminder to our mothers that they are the first magical creatures we met in our lives and through her knowledge and fairytales, we started asking for more fantastic beasts to develop our childish imagination.

“Mommin’ Ain’t Easy” and any other “Proud Mom” T-shirts are available in our store. You will see that every message relate to everyday struggles and duties a mother has. Every T-shirt pays a nice and strong tribute to any hard-working mother. You can find all the T-shirts by accessing this link.

All the Mother Day T-shirts are printed in Miami, with eco-water based ink. They are eco-friendly, fun, sassy, and if you haven’t noticed yet, at a very nice price. Many T-shirts are sold with a very decent discount, good for any pocket. As the Mother’s Day is celebrated in more than 50 countries worldwide, every T-shirt in our collection is a perfect gift for your mother.

If you’re interested in our products, access HashtagBay.com for many more fun details. We also offer free shipping for those who live in USA.



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