It’s National Mojito Day – the most amazing time of July, when you can celebrate the impact of this refreshing drink on your life. If you’re asking yourself why people celebrate that, then you need strong reasons to come to our side:

1) An original mojito contains five ingredients that represent the best recipe for the middle of July, that can save you from hot days and extra-sunny weather – some white rum for its base, sugar cane juice for some sweetness, lime juice and mint for freshness and some soda water for the fulfillment of your thirstiness.

2) You can do a variety of other mojito cocktails and enjoy them with your friends on every summer party.

3) Supposedly, mojito has roots in an ancient recipe of a pirate drink that was aimed to cure scurvy and dysentery. So, this tasteful drink had a medical purpose and was drunk by pirates and has a name that means some sort of magical talisman. So why not feel as pirates, matey?!

4) Why having only the National Lemonade or Wine days, when you can celebrate summer through various ways and thanks to different refreshing tastes.

The reason we enjoy the National Mojito Day is that we can finally pay some honors to the drink that refreshed us for more than 500 years now. Stateside, it was spread by our beloved writer Ernest Hemingway and afterwards, the badass 007 agent, together with Halle Berry, made the drink popular among all their fans.

Our team always enhances the traditional white rum based recipe, by adding other tasteful elements, such as bits of ginger and drops of honey, drunk on a summer evening under the fading lights of the Sun, laying on the chilly grass. And if you have enough patience and creativity, try these mojito cupcakes, that fit perfectly the sweet taste of your favorite drink.

On the National Mojito Day we want to bring you some special refreshing products in our store. If you have mixed drinks about feelings, then this t-shirt is for you 🙂

Wear it, drink you mojito and bite that cupcake! Don’t forget to check the other products we have in our online store for you. Stay gold!


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