An Otterly Amazing Review of The Last Week’s Hashtags

This time it took us a bit longer to deliver this piece, but we chose some of the most funny and pretentious hashtags that were popular last week. Don’t forget to check all the shirts we have in our store.



Some federal celebrations are also days for our souls, as we pay tributes and send our best wishes and good thoughts to those who need them. We started off last week with the #MemorialDay, which is not only a holiday to celebrate the soldiers who fought for our freedom and safety and to commemorate the victims of war. The #MemorialDay, established to honor the ones that served in the armed forces of United States of America, also is the day that marks that time of the year – the endless summer, celebrated with family gatherings, BBQ parties or picnics with friends.

Although all that sounds amazing, you don’t have to forget to give your vows to the ones that served for your safety – attend a parade that your community organizes. Take advantage of what your local authorities might offer on this beautiful day.

As you know, poppies are an important element of #MemorialDay, people selling them in order to create special donation boxes for organizations that support war vets. Buy some poppies, be a true supporter and fill your house with these simple, yet charming flowers.

If you decorate your house with a flag on this day, you will be seen not only as a patriot, but also as the one that commemorates the soldiers right from your home if you cannot go to the National Remembrance Day parade.

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There are so many things you wish you knew before college. Sometimes, you forget that you can save time in your booked weekend by following some cool college life hacks.
You can use a variety of apps to make writing your semester works easier. Rent books from this website, in case you cannot rent them from your library or buy them. We still cannot understand why textbooks are more expensive than alcohol -_-

Use Google Drive as the best online tool to first of all have all your works in there in case if your computer dies. No one likes such surprises, so better be safe than sorry. Also, you will see the realtime work of your fellow colleagues in case you’re working on the same project.

Take advantages from all the students discounts that shops offer to survive college. Make connections, because they matter. You either become friends, either hate each other for the rest of your lives. You can have all your weekends booked, but it does not mean you have to skip housewarming parties or avoid meeting new persons. That why we suggest you to grab a T-shirt from our student collection. Buy one, study, go to parties and enjoy your time at college, because you’ll miss it, we promise.



We think we can classify otters as our beloved creatures. It’s not that we don’t like cats or penguins, but we just adore otters and their amazing playing skills.

Otters’ cuteness is overly charming and you can watch for hours videos on YouTube or memes and pictures with them and you’ll realize you cannot get enough of them. Nevertheless, never forget that there are only 12 species of them, from which 11 are on their way of extinction. Why? Because fashion companies promote wearing fur and unscrupulous hunters get otters just for their it. You can see pieces of fur in every day looks of our celebrities, on the bags of big companies and we kind of hate movements like these – don’t get us wrong, wearing a fashionable piece of cloth or adding some balls of fur to your look is not a bad thing, but could that be faux fur, since the industry in this area is growing faster and promoting a more healthy way of wearing clothes is a must?

Anyway, we’d like to celebrate every day otterly amazing and protect those furry creatures from bad hands and thoughts, and support organizations that work to protect animals’ rights. Otters might be your perfect companion in your everyday life – a playful being with tiny hands, beautiful smile that runs around your house at high speed, looking for new activities, hiding spots and food. What could be better than such an otterly wonderful lifeplan?

We have some new otter T-shirts in our store – they’re fun, cute, eco-friendly and as amazing as our beloved furry creatures. Grab one for you or for your otterly great friend – you will never regret of buying one. Meanwhile, be mesmerized by this otter that took his human for a walk.




We’re tired. Seriously. It is not that we have a government that doesn’t give a shit on our health programs, on environmental problems, creates speculations around such dramatic events as the one that happened in London in the past weekend. It is not only soulless – all the actions that it takes are selfish and they lack of important data from researches that all of its agencies should do.

Anyway, here is the deal – we have a plenty of T-shirts that fits your inner ”I don’t give a shit” citizen, but you should understand that your vote counts. As you go to festivals and you scream when your favorite band plays for you, why wouldn’t you scream for the President that would do great things for you and for his country?

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