Popular Hashtags | Week #4

On cats, bishes and diversity – the popular hashtags of the last week

Another week has finished. We had plenty of fun to get to know the information that you were looking for the last couple of days through the hashtags we have gathered down below. Please read and tell us if this is accurate and don’t forget to order the T-shirt you liked. Our store is always open for you guys!



#MeowMonday is not just a popular children’s book by Phyllis Root, published back in 2000 and appreciated by all the meow parents around the world.This is also that happy Monday of your month, when you can praise your favorite kitties. It doesn’t matter if the fluffy cat is your aunt’s or yours, you should celebrate this day full of magic meows and furry monsters. We can suggest you a few steps for further fluffy celebrations:

– Turn your cats into funny memes, by filming it in weirdly funny positions;
– Post other cats’ memes, so you can show the others that you share your love for these little monsters;
– Show everyone the scratches the cat left on your arms. We don’t know why, but people love to see how others “suffer” because of such innocent creatures;
– Share everything on your social media channels with the widely known hashtag #MeowMonday;
– Grab a T-shirt with your beloved kitty.

You can show people that your cat is very gentle with you, by wearing this particular piece. Prove everyone that you love cats more than any other person that surrounds you, by taking this T-shirt. All the meow T-shirts in our store have a very special price.



Last weeks we’ve talked a lot about how fun is eating what you want in any day of the week or at any other national eating celebrations, that is healthy sometimes to take days off from your diets and indulge yourself into continuous “cheating days”, but we have probably forgotten to tell you to look after what you eat. If food brings you happiness, don’t forget to walk an extra mile for that burger you ate last night. If chocolate is your best friend, eat only 20 gr a day with a cup of green tea after your morning workout. If you are a big fan of cheating days, make it only a weekly celebration and don’t forget to include the gym in that schedule. Better in the morning, so you could peacefully devour the dishes you like during the day.

Also, a #TransformationTuesday starts with a positive thought that will lead to a cheerful attitude during the day. Don’t forget that sunny smoothie in the morning, so it could influence on your motivation. Work, but don’t overdo things. Workout, but don’t take it as a cult for your body, so it could rest sometimes. Our wide range of #TransformationTuesday T-shirts can be found by clicking here.



So, you have probably read about the fun collab that might be one of next summer’s anthem. We talk about the Swish Swish Bish song, that belongs to Katy Perry with Nicki Minaj. Would you perry Katy? Because this song, which seems to be not only about money, but also on bullying and hatred, is going to be ridiculously famous. It has already appeared on shows, such as the amazing Saturday Night Live, gathering hundreds of thousands of views and the single itself has more than 6 millions views on YouTube.

We must admit – we love Katy’s new look and self-confidence. She made a beautiful collab happen with the widely known black barbie with those curves on fleek, but they both are singing you that all that matters is you good attitude towards yourself, so you could let you haters know to go f**k themselves. This song will stick with you for the whole time, if you’re as ambitchous as the girls.

Millions of fans are supporting the collaboration, and also waiting for Katy to release some new stuff. We have noticed that she is bringing more confidence to her audience, so why not appreciating the yummy stuff she’s making. But if you don’t like it – Boy Bye! Grab one of your #SwishSwishBish T-shirts from our store at a very special price. Bon Apetit!



It doesn’t matter whom you are – a Christian, a vegan or an amateur of the weirdest delicacy in the world – frog legs, we all should gather around the issue that is more and more visible on our planet – animal extinction. If you look around, people love mostly to talk about their beloved cats and how they would like to have a penguin or an otter as a pet. But did they think that some of those species are endangered? Do they know that without them, our planet has less and less chances to survive, as every being takes part of an important natural circle that shouldn’t be broken. We don’t want to get into biological terms. We just want to let you know that this topic is an important one for us. This is why we have become part of the #EndangeredSpeciesDay movement, following the hashtag to see what actions and risks take people around the world to save the animals, what ideas of preserving ecosystems the national and international televisions might broadcast and how the groups all over try to solve the problem at a community level.

We want to remind you that our products are eco-friendly and you can find some fun and cute T-shirts on #EndangeredSpeciesDay on the shelves of our online store.



Let’s return to our beloved Mr. President, that once again made some unforgettable mistakes on the worldwide arena, representing our federation. We don’t strive to make an article full of garbage thoughts, but the #ThreeWordTrump hashtag might have brought the best and the worst thoughts of your “kind of empire”, Mr. President.

People all over the world are using the hashtag to emphasize that he is not the president of every single person in the country. Of course, not all of your people can like you, but how come entire communities and movements started to prove you this since you were elected. The hashtag brought to everyone’s mind that Mr. President is not a good leader either, not a good family keeper, and not even a nice friend or acquaintance. #ThreeWordTrump doesn’t forget to remind you about all the Russian implications in the nowadays America’s politics. Yes, this particular hashtag is a great challenge to describe Mr. President’s personality in just three short words. Of course, words as “good person” or “what a disaster” are also mentioned. Such a nice contrast, huh?

The #hashtagbay team comes with a special line of T-shirts dedicated to our President and his witty and honest thoughts on diverse issues adapted to the daily situations. Buy a RUM T-shirt to make your day more waggish. Or grab that T-shirt with a particularly known phrase of our leader.



#IfIOnlyHad is a hashtag that might seem a bit egoistic, but there is always room to love yourself a bit or to share your thoughts with others. This particular combination of words brought together so many people on sharing pieces of advice, memories, desires and thoughts that they carry with them along their lives. The #hashtagbay team always likes the fun in hashtags, so we fell in love with thoughts such as the desire to fall instantly asleep at nights, or the flair for drama, or the need for that special device to talk to animals over humans. Because our world has lately fallen into a mess.

#IfIOnlyHad might be the hashtag that finally makes you feel at peace with yourself. At first, it doesn’t sound like anything to you, but then you can start building ideas, then plans and then realize your work from scratch into something perceptible and useful.

Our #IfIOnlyHad series of T-shirts is funny, filled with motivational thoughts. Some irony and sarcastic ideas are also spread along. Don’t forget to order your special idea from our store. Click here to see all the details.

Also, please appreciate our favorite cat gif on the mentioned hashtag:



Although our world is a mess, as we have mentioned in our previous text, we truly love that we are different. We can celebrate diversity not just once a year, on May 21st, but each minute of our lives. Let’s get to know communities you have learned so much about. Let’s find out some new things on the underground groups you have followed when you were younger. Let’s find some new methods and ways to cherish the good we have with the rest of the world.

#DiversityDay is that time of the year when you can find out about all the possibilities to bring the members of your community into a harmonious state of mind. But if you celebrate diversity each day, you will find countless opportunities on gathering knowledge on other nations and groups through exchange study trips, summer schools, or even through simple assemblies, as you will have valuable conversations. Follow some study platforms to get visits in China, or India, or Australia to study these nations’ culture. Obtain an internship and leave your free time for adventures in cities you don’t know (but check them, anyway, so you can feel safe everywhere you go).

We celebrate #DiversityDay through a set of T-shirts, designed by colorful minds.

Those were the hashtags for the last week. We hope you enjoyed our little informative article and you are ready to buy a T-shirt as a gift for yourself or for your friends. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know the new products we have in our #hashtagbay store. Stay gold!


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