Record $201 Million for Curry

You should remember the great victory of the Golden State Warriors that happened a few weeks ago, don’t you? There were many news on this amazing win in the NBA Finals, including the Winner Parade in Oakland.

Well, the past couple of weeks come with some other great news – Stephen Curry has currently agreed to a five-year contract with the GSW. The contract is $201 million worth and it just shows to every GSW fan how irreplaceable he is for his team. If we start counting Curry’s contribution in Warriors’ success, the player has participated in more than 200 regular-season games, and the majority of them have been won and the two NBA titles, gained in the last three years, have also been obtained with Curry’s participation.

Thus, the Most Valuable player in his league, as named twice, and one of the top NBA players is still around, still playing with and for the Golden State Warriors, pursuing the team’s dream to stay on the first positions for a quite long time.

You may know that after NBA finals, some players might resign from their teams and flirt with some other agencies and change their playing preferences. Stephen Curry didn’t show interest in leaving the team and didn’t even check other money-wise proposals. He just remained humble (yes yes – this is a Kendrick reference) and faithful to the GSW #DubNation and just everyone else that respects him.

The superteam still stays as great as it has positioned itself. This is a proper reason to still celebrate the NBA finals and this particular example of faithfulness. This is why we have a special T-shirt in our store, dedicated to Curry and suggested to everyone that is his fan. Grab it and enjoy every GSW game.


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