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Let’s talk: 3 things we enjoy about Game of Thrones

For the past couple of months, every Monday has become the most valuable day to all those haters that don’t want to start off their week with a refreshing portion of good vibes. Every Monday started to feel more adventurous, filled with various emotions – from love to hatred, sprinkled…

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Game of Thrones: News for the Seven Kingdoms

Your all-time favorite show has come to a controversial end, that has blown thousands of minds and nearly killed as many hopes of possibly less incestuous closing. All we know now is that we have to wait a bit more than a year to see the great outcome of Game…

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Game of Thrones, Star Wars Anniversary and Hamburgers!

There are some new additions to our #HashtagBay store and you’re gonna love them. They are funky, related to your favorite shows and made upon your desires.   #MusicIsAlive We think there’s nothing more relieving that the sound of your jam – you let yourself dance to your favorite vibe…

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