Top 10 Celebrities “If They Had Beards”

We decided to make a Top 10 of celebrities “if they had a beard”. Who wears it best? See below.


#10 | Cristiano Ronaldo

Still with the looks, but the beard would be extra though.


#9 | Vladimir Putin

Well, the beard doesn’t look bad, but would rather make him look like a pope than one of the world’s leaders.


#8 | Barack Obama

Still the president in a lot of Americans’ hearts, Mr. Barack comes in at #8 in classy way… as always of course.


#7 | Justin Bieber

Maybe we exaggerated a bit, but Justin doesn’t look bad at all here. Knowing the often changes in look he does, don’t be too shocked to see him like this some time in the near future 🙂


#6 | Dave Chappelle

The one and only, the king of comedy, Dave Chappelle.


#5 | Dr. Dre

With LeBron in the back (we had to put a bigger beard on him too), Dr. Dre would be popping with his beard.


#4 | Mark Zuckerberg

Well, we don’t think this will ever happen, but Mark would definitely own the style.


#3 | Jay-Z

Or should we say Jay:Z? It’s been some long time since J didn’t drop an album, so the picture here describes the situation best 😀 Anyway, everyone looking forward to his upcoming 4:44!


#2 | Roger Federer

Uh! Almost there. Probably the best tennis player of all time, just didn’t win this match. Roger is our runner-up!


#1 | Donald Trump

Some of y’all would not agree, but hey, we think the beard would make Trump more agreeable. It would be like Santa Clause is president 😀


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