Trending Hashtags | Week #2

This week’s hashtags commemorate many communities all over the world or try to urge to make better decisions for your future. Check the new products we have in our store and don’t forget that to profit from the existing discounts for many interesting T-Shirts.



You know what? Sometimes, #BadDietingTips is not just a hashtag that describes an ugly style of life. It might the savior of your day, in case you want to introduce some of those tips into your daily routine. Even doctors say that it is healthy to transform a bad dieting tip into a habit. But it should be very rarely, once a week only. Days like those are called cheating days and why not make it on a Monday, as a good treat after an eventful weekend.

We have a special line of T-Shirts for those whom can sometimes appreciate the taste of burgers, tacos or deeply fried potatoes. „Live Everyday Like It’s Taco Tuesday” or „Taco Emergency” are the funny messages you can wear on your T-Shirt to make people burst out laughing and make them understand that a foodie never makes a bad decision. After all, you will just have to lose your calories throughout the week, until you reach another cheating day.

Please, don’t forget that junk food should be an occasional treat. If eaten regularly, this type of food will never help you achieve any athletic goals. It can make you not only gain weight, but also increases depression and makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. So, make it an occasional occurrence that you will happily wait.


Tuesday – #BabyDay

Probably, the cutest day of the year is the Baby Day, celebrated on May 2nd. It eulogies the smallest human beings on earth, that bring joy and happiness and make a stronger bond than ever in a loving couple.

Baby Day, according to many families and articles, is celebrated quite simply: you can bring your kiddo to meet other babies and befriend other couples that have new addition into their families. Of course, days like these might be full of blubbers and sobs, stinky diapers and breastfeeding, but you should enjoy moments like these, as the kids grow up so fast and you will hardly have the chance to go all over that again. Unless you wanna have two kids or more, which is a very calculated decision in the age that we live.

Our special collection of #BabyDay T-shirts comes in plain black and white colors and brings a message that every grown up child will love to give to his mother. If you wear a “My favorite child gave me this T-shirt” piece from our collection, it means that your kiddo has a good taste in family fashion.

Fun tip: If you are visiting a friend that has kids, bring to their offspring some noisy toys. Or spend a day with them, if they like you. It’s a kind gesture, that will make both parties enjoy a day of their lives, even if the younger ones may not remember it 😀



The “It’s the humans that confuse me” T-Shirt might be attributed to those, that are a bit antisocial, but still want to bring a funny message to the world. Or if you’re a CEO of a big company that wants to make his colleagues laugh, you can wear this funky and ironic piece at a important meeting to make your team feel more confident. Or you can give it to your owner, if you’re a cat.

The #InHumans line of T-Shirts fits the odd-minded people with a strange love towards other humans. It is not only a hashtag that changes the perception of a human being, adapting it to an entertaining message. It is also a T-Shirt that makes people around you scared. Or not! It’s up to the situation you’re wearing this piece.

Buy it as a gift to your anti-social friend, make it a viral piece among your friends and wear it to dubious gatherings that you hardly like, wear it on a sunny day in a park while playing with your kids or by it to your wise and sarcastic children, that will take the fun out of this message. This #InHumans T-Shirt is a versatile gift and, of course, a necessary piece of clothing in your wardrobe. You can find it by clicking here.



Have you noticed how the cinema industry is starting various cultural movements? Let’s take George Lucas’s epic space opera franchise that is beautifully metamorphosed in movies that people around the world wait – Star Wars.

Each May 4th the fans of the franchise, the IT geeks, the book lovers attack Twitter with the #MayTheFourthBeWithYou hashtag and share with people from all over the most entertaining and the brainiest jokes about the movie. Also, those who are born that day can have a great gift from our store – a “May The Sauce Be With You” piece of a “Pretty Fly For A Jedi” T-Shirt is a funky idea for a birthday clothing surprise. See the products here.

This year’s May 4th was celebrated with impressive tributes to Carrie Fisher – the one and only Leia Organa that saved our souls while watching the Star War’s epic. This day also celebrated all the rise of the Yoda’s wide words and payed a tribute to all the sciences existing in the alternate universe of Star Wars.

Make any day that you dedicate to the epic into an intergalactic celebration – wear a #MayTheFourthBeWithYou T-shirt at any Star Wars gathering, cosplay tournament or just have fun with it while watching your favorite movie and transport yourself into an universe far away.



They say on May 5th you celebrate the remaining 240 days of the year. The philosophers make a gathering to celebrate the birth of the one and only creator of the method of socioeconomic analysis among class relations and other intelligent stuff – Karl Marx. Others must have called a thousand times to say Hello to their beloved ones in the style of Adele, because it is her birthday, too.

The #HashtagBay team celebrates the #CincoDeMayo holiday – the day that, beyond its historical background, has the aim to make an eulogy to the Mexican-American culture. In Mexico, though, people commemorate the Battle of Puebla, which celebrates the victory over the French army that has taken place long ago, in 1862. Today, they make ceremonies with military parades.

The #CincoDeMayo T-Shirts have a funny and interesting approach over the Mexican cuisine, that is highly appreciated all over the world. If you’re a taco lover, you will certainly like the “Make Tacos Not War” piece or if you use nachos like an everyday snack, wear the “I’m Nacho Friend” T-Shirt while eating some.

The lovers of guacamole and spicy sauces, come over and click here to see the entire line of #CincoDeMayo T-shirts.



Mr. President Donald J. Trump is famous for his funny quotes, that have become so many times a true meme material. Also, the President is now having the most outrageous time of his career, as he wants to change the ObamaCare system – a step that is highly risky and awakens too many protests.

The new healthcare plan is still in the “review” process and the bill goes to senate in June. Many mass-media platforms, such as thebalance.com, think it will be amended again before it can pass. So, people should be more aware of what the new healthcare legislation might bring – changes that will repress all the affordable things that former President Obama has introduced during the 7 years of his legislation.

Have you seen the monologue of Jimmy Kimmel? The one where he talks about his son born with congenital heart disease and the fact the hospital team worked very fast to understand the problem has his newborn? If you listen carefully, you will understand that this monologue has added more troubles to the President Trump’s attempt to change the healthcare system. He criticized the need to change the affordable care system to the one where everyone will pay the same bill regardless of their health conditions.

We urge you to support a health care system that will have lower rates and will increase the number of insured people and will make the US a federal republic with healthy people.

Meanwhile, check the #TrumpCare T-shirts you can find in our store.


Either it’s you favorite drink or your most-loved Beyonce album, the world “lemonade” instigates you to imagine warmth and beautiful colors and it is associated with that sunny time of the year.

Drinking a glass refreshing of lemonade and enjoy the shining sun? Say no more! Every human being knows what to do on the National Lemonade Day. This is why we have prepared you some nice and sunny T-shirts in our store. Wear something yellowish and colorful clothes to bring smile to the kids faces’ around the block, to your friendly neighbors’, to your family’s and the rest of the world’s. Go to all the lemonade stands and make your taste buds explode. Support the local producers of the drink of Gods and purchase some fresh and tasteful lemonade.

Check the products we have on our page for you, created out of your desires. Buy a #NationalLemonadeDay T-shirt, put some “All The Single Ladies” in the yard and enjoy the day with your loved ones.

You have just read the most popular hashtags of the week. By the way, you decide which are those, by clicking on the ones you like. Stay tuned and check all the products we have in our store.


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