So, we’re here, in this week full of promises and fulfillments, filled with a desire for justice and pride. And here’s now – the Refugee Day, celebrating the courage and hope of the world wide refugees to live in a present with no guns and no strings attached to a government that poisons them.

Still, we don’t want to spend this space on paragraphs that spill bad thoughts. On the World Refugee Day, which should be a seen and respected celebration from populations all over, we want to spread good thoughts on you and your community, that most probably moves towards a better inclusion of the migrants and refugees.

We get to know so many brave citizens that left their countries, in spite of those many troubles they could acquire if caught, just to see their families in a safe environment. Even though it’s far from home. Far from anything that reminds them of the life they’ve left behind. We get to know about those brave heroes that face the death and smuggle toys just to bring the smile to the kids in Syria. Or about the architect that came with the great idea of building paper houses, stronger than certain concrete-built units created in a rush, in order to make homes for refugees of any nature. You might get to know that your neighbour is a well-known and highly-skilled doctor, or that maybe some refugee volunteered for being a donor for your daughter.


They all have the same dream as you do – to live in a better world. So, leave the hate and start building the future together.

Kids don’t have to miss schools!

Adults should get their dream job they were moving to for so long!

Grand-parents should see the way their families grow together!


You share the same world, why wouldn’t you give the refugees a hand, so you could together find a way for a better life.

Everyone that feels the need to be with us in this amazing movement on the Refugee Week, please come join us into this battle of courage and faith that every single person on earth will have a better future, lacked of frustrations, violence and war.

Give your actions and words a shape through the message you wear on your heart – and on your shirt. Don’t forget to support all local movements not only during the current week, but every day of your life.


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